Road Construction Zones

Unique “full cube” technology, used to make 3M™ Diamond Grade” does Reflective Sheeting, produces 100 percent efficient optical elements that are nearly twice as bright as conventional prismatic sheeting’s. Work zone conditions can easily compromise the positioning and visibility of traffic control devices. Better, brighter signs attract the driver’s attention sooner, for earlier comprehension and a more natural, timely driving reaction among other drivers and workers nearby.

Highly conspicuous fluorescent colors provide superior visibility day and night, dawn and dusk. Fluorescent orange material is recognized at greater distances and with a more accurate perception of color than non- fluorescent orange-colored products the high luminance and attention-getting visibility of prismatic technology helps temporary traffic control devices provide unambiguous, positive guidance even in compromised work zone conditions, and thus reduce the potential for incidents and accidents.

 Wet reflective pavement markings actually work with water to remain highly visible in the rain and wet road conditions. Removable tape and all-weather paint products are simple to apply. And perform for a normal construction season. The bright continuous delineation emphasis zest lane shifts yet to install and removes easily for fast changeovers.