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Bangladesh, officially the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is a country in South Asia having an area of 1,47,570 sq. km and a population of about 157 million, has about 21 million motorized vehicles and more than 3 million non-motorized vehicles. About 62% of the motorized vehicles are two & three-wheelers and the rest are different categories such as a car, jeep, bus, truck, pick-up, etc. The number of vehicles is steadily increasing along with the increase of road network. Recently a large number of quality roads are being constructed adding speed to transportation and frequency of movement of people.

There are few sectors which are very strongly related to Road Safety & Traffic Control System. The sectors are:

  1. Planning, Management, and Co-Ordination of Road Safety;
  2. Road Traffic Accident Data System;
  3. Road Safety Engineering;
  4. Road and Traffic Legislation;
  5. Traffic Enforcement;
  6. Driver Training and Testing;
  7. Vehicle Safety;
  8. Road Safety Education and Publicity and
  9. Medical Services for Road Traffic Accident Victims.

Novo’ signed an agreement with 3M Thailand to be “Authorized Distributor” for Traffic Safety products, providing finished products such as Raised Pavement Marking (RPM), Starmark Tape for lane marking and also has sign fabrication facility to product variety of both traffic & commercial signing for customers in Bangladesh.

 Our Product

NOVO offers a wide range of high-performance retro-reflective signing and pavement marking solutions from 3M, to improve traffic management as well as an enhanced motorist, pedestrian, and occupational safety. Retro-reflective solutions from 3M effectively address the safety challenges faced by road authorities in various segments; Highways, Cities, Airports, etc.

Our Main Customers

Communication Ministry Department, Ministry Of Interior, Municipality, (Main Project The Safety Of Road, Highway, Express-way, Bridge,  Motorway, Tollway, Airport- Runway And (Parking- Station) Also  Provides Customer  With a High-Quality Installation Services including other International Training Program.