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Installation Procedure of Raised Pavement Markers

Here we attached some pictures on how to install Raised Pavement Markers.

3m Traditional Sign Fabrication

3m Traditional Sign Fabrication in NFL Road Sign & Safety Facility.

Keeping people safe on the move for over 75 years

As a global leader in retro reflective technology, 3M is committed to delivering innovative safety solutions designed to maximize visibility and safety on the road, in the workplace and general community.

3M Rigid Delineators

It is lightweight, yet robust due to the injection-molded, impact-resistant thermoplastic body and durable plastic outer sleeve. The powder-coated, painted and serrated mild steel used in the core gives the delineator corrosion resistance and increases its impact strength. A high coefficient of retro-reflection ensures that the delineator is visible over long distances and wide angles.

3M Aluminum backed prismatic sheeting (AFP)

3M Aluminum prismatic sheeting:- Non-metallic Prismatic Type VI reflective sheeting Dead folding (takes any shape) Applied on any rough surfaces: tree trunks, concrete, metals, etc. Concealed edges Longer product life No resale value; fewer chances of vandalism

3M Flexible Median Markers help avert accidents

Rainy / Foggy / Nighttime visibility Benefits:- Optimum for use on medians of all heights Longer road presence, lower lifecycle cost Improved safety, reduced the shy distance Improved safety in adverse driving conditions Longer product life Longer road presence Reduced lifecycle cost and fewer chances of product failure Variant available:- Both sides Retro- reflective Single